Monday, January 9, 2017

Ring the Bell!!

So, last month, Jeffro over at the Castalia House blog posted his Top Book Bloggers of 2016.  And, hidden towards the end of the list was, well, me at #13.  While that's a jaw-dropping honor, considering that I can still count the months I've been blogging on my fingers, I am more in awe of the other names.  My fellow Puppy of the Month bloggers, Jon Mollison and The Frisky Pagan, made the list as well, with Jon crowning the list at #1.  Also on the list are John C. Wright, James Cambias, and Ron Edwards, heavyweight writers and game designers in science fiction and fantasy.  Even the fans, such as Kevyn Winkless and Hooc Ott, have been book blogging longer and better than I can hope to match.  By all means do I recommend checking out the entire list.

But there was a secret to that list that no one told me about: not only was it Jeffro's list of the best book bloggers, it was also his shopping list for the Castalia House blog.  So, starting this Thursday, I will be reviewing books every other week for Castalia House.

My boss, the Supreme Dark Lord, or at least how he appears in the minds of the SFF clique.
I admit, blogging has been a little light here and at the Puppy of the Month blog while I have been working on my first couple of articles.  (Yes, the Bakemonogatari review mentioned earlier is for CH.)  But I'm caught up enough to better balance the three blogs.  And, while Castalia House and the Puppy of the Month Club have first priority, I do have a stack of Shadows, Doc Savages, and light novels that I want to start reviewing here as well, plus, hopefully an article or two finally putting to bed my current fixation with the history of science fiction.  After all, it's one thing to learn pulp techniques, and another to see them in action.

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