Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Science Fiction's Future

After reading the newest feature on Neal Stephenson's Hieroglyph endeavor to bring back that Golden Age of science fiction, it is clear that the current course of science fiction is not popular, even among the established writers. What is not clear, however, is how science fiction will be reformed. Will it be to tradition, as many establishment science fiction writers desire? To adventure, as the PulpRev and the short fiction adventure wellspring proclaim? Or to beauty, as Superversives and Noblebright strive for?

Certainly, there's no need for a winner-take-all contest between Tradition, Adventure, and Beauty. There's considerable overlap between the groups. Some Superversives run more traditionalist, some PulpRev run with the Superversive, and Hieroglyph's aims align well with superversion. What I find most interesting is that I can place authors from all parts of the political and tradpub-indie spectra in all three camps. And while different groups emphasize different approaches, the future flavor of science fiction is pretty clear.

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