Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Millhaven Press: Amateur Pulpsters Wanted

Reprinted from Books of the Broken (h/t: Misha Burnett):
Today I am foregoing my usual Saturday Spotlight feature for something a little different.  Every Saturday I feature a pulp story from the past to shed a little light on some of the nearly forgotten authors.  Today’s entry is almost the exact opposite.  I am featuring a new idea by Millhaven Press.
Millhaven is seeking short stories from amateur writers in the hopes to put out a quarterly pulp inspired print magazine.  We think there is enough interest in these types of stories to make this idea feasible.  We miss the print pulps of yesteryear and want to bring some of that back.
Amateur writers are encouraged to submit their stories (millhavenpress@gmail.com) for consideration.  We will also need some art (even cover art) for the magazine.  All the relevant details are to be found at the Millhaven Press website.  Just click the link:
Millhaven Press Website 
Here’s to making this idea a reality (and fingers-crossed).

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