Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Mongoose and Meerkat Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Jim Breyfogle's Mongoose and Meerkat as now live.
He's a bit of a bravo, ready to knock a few heads for some coin. She's a mysterious wanderer with more than her share of street-smarts and a head for ancient history. Together, the Mongoose and the Meerkat are a pair of rogues looking for coin to keep their bellies and wine skins filled and are sure to appeal to fans of classic Sword & Sorcery.
This volume collects Kat and Mangos' first five adventures with illustrations by the incredibly talented DarkFilly and is available in four formats.
This volume features...
The Battlefield of Keres - An ill-conceived bet brings Mangos and his new companion Kat to a vast no man's land full of relics and magical anomalies in search of a fabled helm! 
Brandy and Dye - High atop rock spires, above the breeze from the Devil's Arse, men toil to collect the valuable guano of the Minix bird for Royal Dye, but when the production is threatened by distillers at dizzying heights, the dyers hire Mangos & Kat to bust a few heads! 
The Sword of the Mongoose - When a shady merchant loses a bet with Mangos, he has nothing to pay with but the story of where a masterwork blade may be found! Can Mangos reach his prize before other treasure hunters? 
The Valley of Terzol - Kat and Mangos are hired to accompany an adventurer to the ruins of Terzol in search of a lost delivery: a thousand-year-old receipt offers a clue to either fabulous rewards or certain death! 
The Burning Fish - Seeking out the fabled Burning Fish for a client, Mangos and Kat instead find a strange cult devoted to keeping a simple life and protecting the secret of the fish at any cost!
As a bonus, this collection will feature Deathwater, a never before published original novelette!
Ebooks start at $3, with pocketbooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers also available. Cameos and original art are available as well.

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