Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Cirsova Kickstarter

Cirsova Magazine is in the last days of its Kickstarter, and it needs $500 or so in pledges prior to Friday to fund the first issues of its second volume. For those interested in excellent short fiction, including that by Schuyler Hernstrom and others, you can get the closing issues of volume 1, featuring:

Issue 9:
  • All that Glitters, by Paul Lucas
  • The Orb of Xarkax, by Xavier Lastra
Short Stories
  • The Faerie Pool, by Edward McDermott
  • Our Lords, the Swine, by N.A. Roberts
  • The Bejeweled Chest, by S.K. Inkslinger
  • Antares, by PC Bushi
  • Cirque des Etoiles, by Bo Balder
  • Hot Water in Wormtown, by Robert Lang
  • Littermates (Part 2 of 2), by J.D. Brink
  • Jack's Basement, by Michael Tierney
Issue 10:
  • Crying in the Salt House, by B. Morris Allen
Short Stories
  • A Song in Deepest Darkness, by Jason Carney
  • Amsel the Immortal, by Lauren Goff
  • An Interrupted Scandal, by Misha Burnett
  • The Sword of the Mangoose, by Jim Breyfogle
  • When Gods Fall in Fire, by Brian K. Lowe
  • The Best Workout, by Frederick Gero Heimbach
  • Jeopardy off Jupiter IV, by Spencer E. Hart
To help sweeten the deal and bring Cirsova across the finish line, several authors have contributed their own works to the pledge levels. If you pledge at the $20 full vol 1 digital, $20 ($12 + $8 S&H) physical subscription, or higher, you will also receive Grey Cat Blues by JD Cowan, and The Hymn of the Pearl by Brian Niemeier.

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