Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Quick Guide to Finding the Shadow

"What is the best way to cheaply check out the Shadow?"

The easiest and cheapest way to check out the pulp version of the Shadow is to read Doc Savage: The Sinister Shadow. While it is a crossover with fellow Street & Smith hero Doc Savage, it features all the elements of the Shadow, from his guns and his laugh to his agents and disguises, and it is written in the same style as the Shadow pulps. Essentially, it is Doc Savage in a Shadow adventure, where the sequel, Empire of Doom, is the Shadow in a Doc Savage adventure. Unfortunately, these crossovers are the only pulp Shadow novels in ebook form.

Reprints of the original Shadow pulp novels are available through Amazon and Sanctum Books but cost more, in the range of $9-$30 for new copies depending on the issue.

And Razorfist has been known to post a story from the comics on his tumblr site more than once. However, the comics Shadow is a blend between the pulp and the radio Shadow, and is a separate continuity from each.


Recently discovered in the Pulp Magazine Archive are two issues of The Shadow Magazine.

The Five Chameleons

The Black Hush

Amazing. I have plenty of Sanctum's Shadow reprints, but they only reprint the Shadow novels, not the short fiction that came with.


  1. The prices for the original Shadow pulps are insane for something that cost a dime in the '40s. Even adjusting for inflation, they were still cheaper than most ebooks that come out today.

  2. Hmmm, I just found this: