Monday, February 20, 2017

Geek Gab: A Conversation with John C. Wright, Razorfist, and Jeffro Johnson

As I owe both the Puppy of the Month Club and Castalia House a number of articles this week, posting here will be more Instapundit-style until the weekend.  Don't worry, I am working on a few ideas on New Wave, Campbelline vs. Futurian movements, and continued exploration of the trope described in this post. Unfortunately, the ideas need a little more time in the oven on top of time being a bit of a scarce resource this week. Fortunately, this weekend was a treasure trove of pulp and sci-fi conversation.

First on the list is Geek Gab's special episode with John C. Wright, Jeffro Johnson, and Razorfist as they talk pulps. I hope that each guest can return soon.

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  1. Thanks for alerting us to this gem. I've seen GeekGab in my YT recommended list, but the audio quality turned me off within the first few minutes. This time due to the guests I gave leeway to the 1st 10 minutes until they got to the meat of the discussion. Long live the Appendix N Revolution!