Monday, October 31, 2016

Pulp Radio Halloween: The Shadow - The Immortal Murderer

Using a radio script of a lost Shadow episode, written by Alfred Bester of science fiction classics The Demolished Man and The Stars, My Destination fame, Razorfist and a host of Youtubers and fans have brought to life The Immortal Murderer once more.

In addition to sharing this because I am a huge Shadow and Razorfist fan, the former due to the latter, this radio play is also a serendipitous find as this episode is another example of how the hero pulps like the Shadow and Doc Savage influenced science fiction and fantasy prior to the 1977 Unweirding of the two genres.  Not only did Alfred Bester write radio plays for The Shadow, his award winning The Demolished Man was based on one of those radio scripts.  So when you leaf through the pulps for the roots of science fiction and fantasy, don't stop at Weird Tales, Amazing Stories, or Astounding Stories/Analog, take a look at Doc Savage and The Shadow.

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