Wednesday, July 26, 2017


PulpFest is this weekend. While Pittsburgh is just a little too far for a day trip, Pulp Crazy has been posting recordings from the convention panels from the last few years. So, for those who are unable to attend, look for these recordings soon!

Check out this discussion of the Lovecraft Mythos to hear an example of the excellent conversations held at PulpFest.

While I have yet to darken the door of any con, a decision more and more reinforced by a legion of SFF and anime cons behaving badly, if next year's PulpFest is still in Pittsburgh, I might make an exception.

So, PulpRev folk, perhaps next year at PulpFest?


  1. I considered it this year, but it was too difficult. Maybe next year. I'd like to see if we could put together a Pulp Rev panel.

  2. I'm considering either PulpFest or Windy City next year.