Thursday, March 30, 2017

New Valerian Trailer

Too much Action Girl, not enough Laureline. Sure, Valerian and Laureline is a feminist work, but Laureline has always been about use of flattery, persuasion, and intuition over Valerian's direct and action-packed approach. Feminine strengths over masculine strengths. Brains and beauty over brawn and the beast. Not this sullen stunt girl.

I hope that the movie will have more scenes from the comics like this:

After all, the director did describe the movie as “It’s a boy and a girl. They have fun, they love each other, but they don’t want to say it. He’s a puppy — he’s watching all the girls, and she’s very old fashioned. For her, you fall in love with one man, you get married, you have kids. Just like that, it’s today, but with aliens and fighting.”

I'll cross my fingers and see.

That said, the Grumpy Transmuter looks cool.

Want to take a look at the Valerian and Laureline comics? I reviewed Ambassador of the Shadows over at Castalia House.

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