Thursday, January 17, 2019

Cirsova Magazine: Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She

Cirsova Publishing's 2019 is set to be full of surprises, but none have been quite as amazing or as original pulp as the news that this spring, Cirsova will be publishing a long thought lost Tarzan story begun by Edgar Rice Burroughs and completed by Michael Tierney--"Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She."

Per Michael Tierney and Cirsova:
Michael Tierney tells in his own words how this story came into being. (Originally published here on Michael’s Facebook). 
Update! The original manuscript’s whereabouts has resurfaced as of Jan 17, 2019; Bill Hillman of has claimed that the original handwritten manuscript is in his possession. Corrected text is marked within the original: 
It’s an old question of, if you could, who you would visit from the past? Take that question a step further and ask if you could collaborate with literary giant on their greatest creation, who and what would it be? 
Here’s my answer: Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She. 
Releases March 2019 from Cirsova magazine
The fragment I worked with was first hand-written by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1930. It was left unfinished, and then lay hidden in his safe for decades after his death. When it was rediscovered, many well-known writers were offered the chance to complete the story, but there were elements that they considered problematic, and they passed. 
Around the year 2000, ERB’s grandson, Danton Burroughs, offered me the chance. I found the problems to be opportunities to explain what I considered to be inconsistencies in the jungle lord’s established history. 
But on the day of Danton’s greatest accomplishment, when he became President of his grandfather’s company, Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc., there was a fire in the offices that destroyed many of his father, John Coleman Burroughs’ paintings–some of them were lost forever without a record. Danton tragically died that night of a heart attack. 
What I didn’t learn until recently was that the fire left ERB, Inc. with no record of the story. Danton took his knowledge with him, and the fire apparently took the fragment and the fragment was essentially lost to the company his Grandfather founded.
Fortunately, I still had my digital files, and the file Danton sent. and the original fragment was discovered after the announcement of this publication. 
Danton had sent it to be transcribed into digital format by Bill Hillman, webmaster of, who announced this very day that he still has it. 
While I was creating the Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 Year Art Chronology, I’d asked current President Jim Sullos for an opportunity to do something with the story. What I didn’t realize until recently was that he thought this was all my creation. We didn’t both put all the pieces together until just a few weeks ago. 
That’s the story behind the story of Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She.
Cirsova’s spring issue featuring Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She is available for digital pre-order now and physical pre-order in February. 

Stay tuned for further pulp announcements from Cirsova Publishing, including one that I, the Pulp Archivist, have a (very) small hand in.

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