Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Three for Three!

What's Three for Three?

We've had book bombs before in Pulp and Puppydom, but there are other ways to help out your favorite authors.  Jon Mollison over at Seagull Rising explains how:
One of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to show your support for an author is to write an Amazon review. The algorithms that operate in the substrate of that website use the reviews a book has to determine how strongly it sells that book to random shoppers. As a result, even a few reviews helps push the sales of a book, and push it up in the rankings. The best part is that reviews are permanent fixtures, so they continue to operate, whereas sales represent a short term bump. 
To that end, I'm calling for a review bomb. Here's how it works: On March 3, write three sentences to describe three books. 
That's it. 
Choose three titles off the list of books you've read. Spread the word, boost the signal for your favorite authors, particularly the smaller independent authors and those who are Pulp Revolution friendly. 
It sounds simple, but it will have a big impact. So spread the word: Three for three on 3/3.
On March 3 (3/3), help your favorite writers out. Write three sentence-long Amazon reviews for three books. Your choice.

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